Organization/approach of the conference

Specific objectives

Provide participants with an opportunity to experience pedagogies that transform graduates in higher education.

Create awareness of learning environments that promote creativity and problem solving skills

Promote assessment strategies that facilitate graduates capable of problem solving and creating the future;

Establish, together with stakeholders, strategies that help higher education institutions position themselves strategically in the global market.


Transformative Curriculum.

Teaching and learning philosophies and methods that facilitate transformative curriculum.
21st Century Learning Environments
Learning spaces, both physical and virtual, that facilitate transformative curriculum
Graduates Solving 21st Century Problems
Curriculum and practices that help our learners to become change-makers and problem-solvers.

Assessment for Transformative Learners

Making the assessment of learning, a transformative learning process in itself.

Synergies for Academia and the World of Work

Building energizing partnerships between the academy and the professions.

Creating a Global Presence for African Higher Education

Creating an African higher education voice and presence in the academic world.

Countdown to Event

3rd September 2020 - 4th September 2020

Expected outcomes

Key learnings from the conference that promote transformed graduates and position universities for global presence.